Sunday, March 4, 2012

Order of the Empire

The Goose merged with another guild a little while back, and we created a new guild called Order of the Empire. Nacharon, our fearless leader, has created this awesome website for everyone. Great work!

Tuesday, February 28, 2012

Just for Giggles

I don't usually post up other people's stuff on my own blog, but this just made me giggle. :)

Strange Choices

I'm not sure I completely understand the moral choices in this game.
I'm playing on the Republic side, a Jedi toon, and I came across a Flesh Raider baby in a backpack, just lying on the road next to a corpse. Now, wouldn't that be a perfect opportunity for some serious Light/Dark points? But no! There was no choice at all. I was forced to go hunt meat for the stinking little bugger, and the meat of a Greater Guid too. (Oh har har har.) I was seriously surprised that there were no options like: leave the filty beast to die, or kill the putrid larvae right away. I ended up taking the thing to the Jedi Temple to be adopted by some cat-person. Very odd quest.

And another strange moral choice came up a bit later. I was in the Twi'lek village and I was given the choice to become the "sister" of the new Twi'lek Matriarch. Apparently to become her sister is a Dark choice. Well, I took it! I guess the whole idea is that Jedi aren't supposed to have any family bonds or emotional attachments...or maybe we're supposed to have a racial hate for "head-things"? Strange.

Another question: I wonder if that quest is a romance option if you're playing a male toon?

Sunday, February 26, 2012

That's a Taxi??

I haven't been playing SWTOR all that much lately due to RL stuff, but I found this pic in my screenshots folder and I thought I'd share. This is what you get to ride as a taxi in some parts of Alderaan. Pretty freaking cool. I call it a Sky Manta. Wish I could have one of them instead of a boring clunky ol' speeder.

Tuesday, February 21, 2012

Qyzen the Cross Dressing Lizard

Honestly, I only put the dress on him cuz it had good stats! And I didn't think it would be PINK! (That was an added bonus, hee hee!)
But now it makes me giggle to see my scaly friend dashing about with his pretty frock on, fighting evil and being stylish at the same time. I think he likes the way it feels on him. I'm too scared of his big teeth to ask him though.  :)
Too bad I couldn't have put such a girly dress on Big Ugly! That would have been a worthy screenshot as well. LOL
Honestly, the costume designers of this game should be shot...or better yet, forced to wear their ridiculous designs out in public for a week. I know, I know! This is not the Really Real World. But seriously, what kind of Jedi Warrior wants to wear a skirt? Or a FAB-ulous pink housecoat like Mini-Godzilla here?

Okay, enough about fashion, let's talk gameplay. Spiral 2.0 is level 16 now and doing quite nicely. I've noticed that some of the spells/skills on this toon are identical to the Sith Sorcerer side. Lame. They couldn't even give them a new name or icon? Wow. Talk about rushing the game out!

Loads of quests to do, but skipping all the Heroics cuz the server I chose is sooooo empty. I think there were 13 people on the Republic Fleet last night. Super quiet. But it's nice, cuz I'm not waiting for boss spawns or getting too much lag. And it's also cool to just focus on my own stuff for a change, rather than worrying about keeping up with my guildies or whatever. I haven't been playing Huttball at ALL. Totally bored of all the PVPs. Questing is more fun, especially since the developers have done a fantabulous job on the story lines. Very interesting. Better than watching a movie, cuz it's Choose-Your-Own-Adventure!

Sunday, February 19, 2012

Private Dancer

My adventures on the Light side continue with an unexpected trip to a strip club, or dancer's den. I went there to find a guy's "beloved", whom he said was kidnapped and forced into dancing. I won't give the plot away spoilers here!
But as I was leaving the joint, I noticed these two in a corner. The girl on the lighted stand was doing the most ridiculous dance moves, with kicking and a wiggling choo-choo thing and all sorts of silly stuff. And I swear the other girl was either laughing or telling her, "No, no, no!" The dance was definitely NOT sexy!
It makes me smile to think that the developers or programmers or artists or whomever have a sense of humour and put these little vignettes in the game for people like me to discover.
So next time you're out galavanting around the universe, so focused on your quests and killling 20 gang members or collecting 14 Bantha hides or whatever, stop for a moment and look around. You might just find something interesting. :)

Saturday, February 18, 2012

Good vs Evil

So I got the new Spiral to the Republic Fleet and found it to be quite nice indeed. One of the best features is that there are fountains in the place where, on the Imperial Fleet, there are big gaping holes that an unsuspecting, clumsy and rushing Sith can plummet to her death if she just so happens to jump over a railing in her impatience. Not that it happened to me. No, it was this other crazy girl I knew.  ;)
I'm finding it nice to make good conversation choices for a change, although it can be a bit dull to keep saying, "It is an honour" and "I'm here to help". Gag!
But actually the Sage skills are fun and very traditional. They really make me feel like I'm a Jedi and part of the Star Wars saga. I think I always related more to the Light side when I was a bright-eyed little girl watching these movies, so playing the new Spiral brings back fond memories. And it suits me right now, as I'm feeling tried of being the bad guy, in virtual as well as real life.
People diss video games as mindless entertainment, or hopeless addiction, but for me video games sometimes act as a way to delve deeper into my ideas, opinions and feelings. Too philosophical for a blog post?  Ha! Just saying, a game like SWTOR that brings up moral choices, social responsibilities, plus the challenges of playing with a group of real people (hiding behind avatars) can be a gateway to becoming more self-aware.

Now to the Dark side. I just couldn't stay away, to be honest! I made a new toon named Scorned, a very appropriate name for me right now. She is a Sith Pureblood, and on her way to being a bad-ass Juggernaut tank.
Scorned fulfills my need to get pissed at the world and just saber men to pieces. She makes no apologies for her anger. She does not hesitate to tell people what she really thinks. She is my Dark side, full of righteous indignation, self-serving demands and yellow-eyed insensitivity. I'm hoping I can find the right balance between her and the saccharine-sweet Spiral 2.0. We shall see, dear readers, we shall see.